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1 - Still Self-Boycotting? 7 Tips to Overcome Your Excuses

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Silvia Ayuso - Success Coach for Women (7 Tips to overcome your excuses).

Always behind?

Do you live stuck in your comfort zone?

Always have an excuse for everything you think won't happen in your life? 

You're an amazing woman, full of strength, and you want to move forward... So why do you give up? The answer is simple because you doubt yourself.  The "What if I can't? and a thousand other excuses" paralyze you at the starting line and keep you from moving forward.

You are not the only one, I myself have experienced this same problem throughout my life, and now I see it every day in the women I help. 

I want you to see how you can transform your excuses into reasons to achieve success; let’s look at your list of excuses one by one: 


  • I am vulnerable and fragile. 

Do you really think you are fragile and vulnerable? An excellent strategy to overcome this feeling of fragility is to examine your strengths, skills, and talents. Then, look back and enjoy all the fantastic things you have already accomplished. 


  • I have no time. 

"I'm megasuper busy." "I don't have time." 

Life goes by fast. If you're in your 40s or 50s, you've almost lived half of it already. Remember, your most valuable asset is your time, so make the most of it and don't waste time on things that take you away. 


  • I'm not my priority. 

Okay, but you can start being it right now.  

Your life depends on you. Your physical and mental health, your professional life, abundance, and even your youthful appearance rely entirely on you. 

Plus, the more generous you are with yourself, the more you can give to others. So don’t hesitate, choose to be your priority! 


  • I'm too old to ... 

You mean you have a lot of experience, don't you? How cool! Most young women wish they were older to know everything you know. 

Your age is an advantage. Take it! 


  • I don't have the same opportunities as men. 

Elena Masera was the first woman to enter university in Spain in 1872. Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman astronaut on a space mission in Russia in 1963. Katherine Graham was the first woman to become a CEO in the United States in 1972. So they had more right to use that excuse, but they did not. 

They all fought to achieve their goals, and you can do the same. So what are you waiting for?


  • I don't have enough money. 

You have two options to reach your goals, and in both cases, you need the same tool: a good plan. 

A plan that allows you to undertake the first project without costs on the way to something bigger. 

Or a plan that you can present to potential investors that will make your project viable. In both cases,  you will need to work without giving up. Go for it! 


  • I am not destined to succeed. 

All women, you too, are destined to achieve anything we set our minds to. 

The difference between achieving it or not lies in not accepting failure as a finish line goal and never stop believing in yourself. 

"Success happens when your dreams are bigger than your excuses."- Zig Ziglar 

So, what are you going to do? 

Are you going to continue with the string of excuses? 

Or are you going to take charge of your life and start changing things? If so, great! Congratulations! If you want, we can move faster together, give me a call! 

With lots of love, 


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