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1 - How To Beat The "Superwoman" Syndrome; 3 Simple Tips That Work

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Juggling between your professional career, family, partner, friends..... 

Trying to get to everything and do everything for everyone, the worst thing is that you fail, and you always look wrong to someone. 

You're fed up! You are about to throw in the towel. 

Need a change in your life. 

Sounds familiar? 

Sometimes, it seems impossible and that the "Super Woman" suit is too big for you, but it is not true. 

Take 3 minutes to read this article carefully and discover the three things you can do to overcome the "SuperWoman" syndrome. 

You can change your life and feel really calm, happy, energetic, motivated, and satisfied. I propose three strategies that will help you flow in the direction you want to go: 


  • Choose to be your priority. 

I'm sure you also live for others. 

A while ago, I was shocked to hear my daughter Sophia (4 years old) say the order of the people she loves in her life. She didn't occupy any place! I have taught her to put herself first and then add the rest of the people she chooses to the list. Now, I love to hear how she tells herself that she ranks first in her love. 

And you, how do you answer the question who do you love the most? Remember that to live the life you want and deserve; you have to be at the top of your list and take the time to know, understand, accept and love yourself. 


  •  Establish a positive dialogue with yourself. 

"You are what you tell yourself." 

The words you use are important, and the words you think are important. That is why it is crucial that you identify if the type of internal dialogue you use with yourself is catastrophic, victimizing, or self-demanding. Then, you must change it for one that is optimistic, courageous, and tolerant. 

To change your mentality and begin to shine with your own light, you have to invest a few minutes every morning to look at yourself in the mirror and positively talk to yourself: 

  • say a few kind words to yourself
  • remind yourself of the wonderful things you do every day.
  • congratulate yourself for the challenges you have overcome 
  • and thank yourself in advance for the goals you are going to achieve. 

You will feel great and ready to have a fantastic day. 


  • Decide what you want to do in your life. 

 We usually do what we have to do and rarely do what we want to do.  

Remember when you were a little girl and asked what you wanted to be when you grew up?  

Do you remember the strength, enthusiasm, and almost emphatics with which you answered?  

You were very clear about it!  

You probably also remember your parents telling you that you could be anything you wanted to be, right? It's a great truth: you can turn your dreams and goals into reality. Spend a couple of hours this week getting your thoughts in order and ask yourself:  

What do I really want to do in my life?  

Remember to answer with the same excitement, clarity, and certainty as to when you were little. Try to be specific when writing down your goals. 

According to a study by Dr. Gail Matthews of the University of California: "you will be 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down". But above all, don't forget that it is a process that requires time and energy. 

Consider all your personal resources, potential, social and economic support. And start to weave a network with these resources; you will get even more resources within your reach.  

This work, done consistently, will increase your decision-making power over your own life. You will be one step away from changing your destiny.


With much Love, 


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