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1 - Nine Habits Every Successful Women Has

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No magic formula for success.

Sorry, I wish I could give you a specific magic formula and .....


Success is knocking on your door.

But, you knew this already, right?

What is interesting, though, is that there are certain common habits among successful women.

Your daily activities and habits design and build your future and possible success, whatever success is for you. If you want a bright future, you must get some good habits today to lead you to that future. 

It isn’t easy to develop good habits, but you can weather the storms life throws at you with a solid determination to achieve your dreams. You can turn those storms into stepping stones. And use them as a guide to catapult you into the upper levels. 

If you have to look at anything to “copycat,” look at successful women’s habits, they:


  • Exercise regularly and try to eat better

Successful women have the habit of eating healthily and exercising so they can perform at their top level. You need to make a habit out of it, but start small and build on it more. 

We’ve all done it. First, you go all out with your diet and exercise routine, and after a week, you are done! Then, you go back to eating whatever you can grab quickly and crashing on your couch after a long day. 

You need to find and enjoy your healthy medium, something sustainable that can become a habit for you.

It is crucial to be strong to be successful, so you need to improve your eating and exercise habits, even if it is just a little. 


  • Dream big and take action

Dreams, goals, and plans look nice on paper, but you must do something to ensure they don't stay there. Many dreams die because no one materializes them.

You have to start acting towards them.

It is best to start with as little action as possible. For example, if you want to write a book, the first thing is to decide what it will be about. 

You don't have to know exactly how many steps separate you from your ultimate goal. Nor do you need to know how you will take them.

All you need is to know the final destination and take the first step. Once you do that, you need to take the second step. When you take it, figure out how to take the third, and so on. Eventually, you will reach your dream.


  • Welcome challenge and risk 

Be confident in your abilities to overcome any challenge and use fear to impulse you, rather than paralyze you. Courage when facing a challenge does not mean the absence of fear but triumph over fear. 

Being open to challenge and being brave is a key factor in business success and successful women entrepreneurs’ basic quality. 

Take a risk and follow your vision. Without challenge and risk, there is no success.


  • Do you.

Do your own thing, your dreams, your interests, your life. What everyone else is doing doesn’t really matter, so avoid comparing to others. 

You have so much potential, so many things going on, and so many things you want to accomplish, right? So you need to concentrate on that and only that. Keep all your energy. You are gonna need it for better things.


  • Take self-care

How much time do you spend a day looking out for others? What about yourself? 

You have a wonderful life to enjoy and take advantage of. So stay on track and enjoy the things you like. 

Try to remember the hobbies you once had and when you have free time go for it. Take care of yourself first. It is essential.

Dedicating that time to your self-care is beneficial to everyone around you too. Spending some time doing what you like, listening to music, meditating, painting, stretching, any hobby. It makes you gain energy, gain clarity and find more meaning in what you do to carry it out with more joy. Then, you’ll start every day in a good mood.


  • Surround yourself with positive people

You enjoy your time with people who are worthwhile and who bring something positive to your life. Time is precious, so are friendships, so have high standards for your relations and make sure they look on the positive side of things as you do. 

Look for people who love you, value you, make you feel good, and with whom you enjoy their company. So, think about whether that person benefits you or harms you, whether they make you feel loved or feel undervalued, whether they add to you or subtract from you. Then decide.


  • Learn and Self- improve

Learn to go beyond your limits. When you want to achieve something, it is because there is a drive for growth within you. Something is calling you to step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.

Look for ways to grow and learn, to constantly be a better version of yourself. The more you develop your strengths and skills, the more you will take on more significant challenges, which will bring greater rewards and satisfaction.

It is a win-win situation. You learn more and improve yourself as a person and as a professional. And, as a result, you feel good about yourself too.


  • Put one’s foot down 

Sometimes you need to use your authority to stop something from happening. You don’t have to restrain yourself when you feel strongly about an issue, personal or professional.  

If it is important for you, you have to speak up, put your foot down if necessary and make it happen.  

We, women, have a hard time with this because they do not want to be perceived as a “B” But it is not true; when you set boundaries, people respect you and admire you. 


  • Make Gratitude a priority.

The most important of all!

Every day give yourself time to analyze what happened and then give thanks for it. Thankfulness puts you in a positive state of mind and helps you feel satisfied. It’s a way of showing the universe that you are ready to receive more.

There are times when things are not the way you would like them to be, but there is always something positive about it, no matter how murky a situation is. Finding it may seem difficult. But get used to looking for this little light and appreciating its existence.

When you focus on something, you help it grow. So stop complaining and start giving thanks.

A successful woman is not made overnight. Instead, she grows with small actions in her day-to-day life. 

After reading these habits from successful women, Do you have some of them? None? If so, don't worry; it takes time and effort for change to happen. 

But now that you have identified what habits you can add to your life, it's time to work on them; have faith in your abilities and let yourself become the wonderful woman you are. Where do you want to start with? Let’s do it together!

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